Barcelona Open City Biennial

Barcelona, Spain
18 Oct 2018

City Street Conference

Beirut, Lebanon
31 October 2018



Turin, Italy


Digital-minimal: how to take advantage of new production techniques in architecture without producing blobs of funny shapes?

The refurbishment of a penthouse in Turin, Italy, is the opportunity to test innovative Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) procedures. A COR.TEN laser-cut surface is folded and fitted into the irregular existing space; it covers the living room floor with irregular tiles, it becomes a suspended staircase and it defines the bathroom and laundry room. Several hundred pieces, each one different from the other, are produced and finally magically assembled together. --> src='' type='text/javascript'

CREDITS Carlo Ratti, Chiara Morandini (project leader), Walter Nicolino