Barcelona Design Week

Barcelona, Spain
6-7 June 2018

Knowledge Design Week 2018

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
13 June 2018



Berlin, Germany


When was the last time you had a machine draw a selfie of you?

CRA’s “Vertical selfie plotter” will be featured at the Vodafone stand at this year’s IFA Consumer Electronics show, taking place in Berlin September 5-10th. This dynamic, participatory installation will receive data from visitors at IFA and illustrate an evolving group portrait in real time. Visitors will be able to contribute to this mosaic of faces by sending their ‘selfies’ to the plotter via email.  Initially envisioned as a means of writing, erasing and constantly rewriting, the vertical plotter is able to cover large surfaces using a minimal amount of components to present a variety of different graphical outputs that can be generated in real-time.

Carlo Ratti Associati has reflected on their experience gained with previous models in order to create the simplest device in the latest iteration of the vertical plotter: OpenWall.  Based on a laser cut chassis made from MDF or plexiglass, the design of the OpenWall aims at minimising the number of components needed, simplifying its assembly and use.  The two on-board motors stabilise the plotter.

It also makes reproduction of the device an easier task.  OpenWall uses the Processing / Arduino platform, making it easy to reprogram and works with a variety of applications.


Team Carlo Ratti Associati: Carlo Ratti, Pietro Leoni (project leader), Giovanni de Niederhausern

Execution: Pietro Leoni (mechanical, electronic and software design)

Special thanks to ...and dos Santos: Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino (concept & strategy), Ronen Kadushin (curator)