Barcelona Design Week

Barcelona, Spain
6-7 June 2018

Knowledge Design Week 2018

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
13 June 2018



Cavezzo, Italy


Nature and lightness as pillars to design a space able to encourage human relations and learning processes, creating a sense of safeness and hope for the adults of tomorrow.

After an earthquake shook Cavezzo in May 2012, two structures were rapidly built to respond to the emergency, each one different from the other.


Our proposal for the new school extension responds to the fear generated by the earthquake not by covering up the school with impenetrable structures but on the opposite with a more natural and light design. A space with a strong but flexible connective character where multiple activities can be carried out.


The area between the two schools will become a large inhabited greenhouse with the roof made of glass frames.There will be new laboratories, educational gardens, a multifunctional room and sports hall, all surrounded by the trees and in visual continuity with the spaces of the existing schools and the outside.





carlorattiassociati – walter nicolino & carlo ratti


Carlo Ratti Associati Design Team

Carlo Ratti, Walter Nicolino, Antonio Atripaldi (project leader), Giovanni de Niederhausern, Alberto Bottero, Andrea Galli, Monika Löve, Andrea Galanti, Pietro Leoni, Livia Breccia, Luis Mesejo


Project Management

Giorgio Ceruti


Structural Engineering

Competition phase: Boris Reyher - Schlaich Bergermann und Partner

Executive project: Maurizio Teora, Luca Buzzoni – Arup Milano


Sustainability - Implantation Design

Competition phase: Pablo Lazo - Arup Madrid, Carlo Micono

Executive project: Claudio Peli, Nicola Carofano – Arup Milano


Landscape Design

Capatti - Staubach, Berlino


Construction Supervision

FBA spa: Antonio Ligori, Daniele Veronesi


General Contractor




Hydroplants Landscape Design srl