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6-7 June 2018

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13 June 2018



Rovereto, Italy


In the beginning it will be a park, a green area of five hectares, which will immediately replace the asphalt landscape and warehouses constructed in the '60s and '70s…

This first phase of this project will see both the renovation of historic buildings of the factory and the creation of leisure facilities along the border heading south towards the river Leno. The presence of industrial buildings, which will appear at a later stage in the development, will be suggested in the landscape of the park, through parallel strips mimicking the surrounding vineyards, and hiding the pre-constructed infrastructure under the ground. As the development grows, strips of the park will be raised up to reveal the warehouses below, and remain as the roofs of the buildings themselves, integrating the buildings with the park and surrounding landscape. This development will minimize the drawbacks of traditional work yards, and return a large amount of ex-industrial land back to nature and the use of the town.

  • CREDITScarlorattiassociati | walter nicolino & carlo ratti with KKAA Kengo Kuma & Associates
    Team: Samuel Colle Dominguez Maldonado, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Alberto Bottero, Andrea Cassi, Filipa Carvalho, Alex Haw, Walter Nicolino, Carlo Ratti.

    ARUP Italia (engineering services)
    Agence Ter (landscape)
    Kanso (commercial strategy)