Barcelona Design Week

Barcelona, Spain
6-7 June 2018

Knowledge Design Week 2018

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
13 June 2018



Sardegna, Italy


The opportunity to redesign the whole system of shelters for the regional transportation network of Sardegna, is at first sight the simper design of street furniture, but is also an unique opportunity to reconfigure the space relationship between the public service, the citizen and urban space.

The Pensilina Unica project outlines a new system of poles and shelters that are ‘intelligent’: capable of collecting information on the surrounding environment and redistributing them t the public through an intuitive and immediate medium. The result is a new travel experience, which makes public transport more efficient, competitive and, above all, interactive: the goal is to make waiting for a bus (often long and grueling) an experiential activity. An efficient public service may, in a region where the transport is manly by road, improve the overall road network, urban and suburban.


Pensilina Unica, a project by Carlo Ratti Associati (project designer).



Carlo Ratti Associati (project designer): Carlo Ratti, Alberto Bottero (project leader)