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6 July 2018

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13 June 2018



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OpenWall is an open-source project that has been created through the development of different vertical plotter systems, presented as part of various installations over the past two years. These ‘vertical plotters’ are able to cover large surfaces using a minimal amount of components to present a variety of different graphical outputs.
Starting from the experience gained on previous models, we reflected on what was the best way to create the simplest of devices.
Based on a lasercut chassis made from mdf or plexiglass, the design of the OpenWall has sought to minimize the number of components needed and simplify as much as possible its assembly and use, making reproduction of the device easy.
The two on-board motors stabilize the plotter and make its installation fast and simple, requiring no external components.
OpenWall uses theProcessing / Arduino platform, making it easy to reprogram to work with a variety of applications.

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carlorattiassociati | walter nicolino & carlo ratti
Team: Carlo Ratti, Pietro Leoni (project leader), Antonio Atripaldi, Alberto Bottero, Andrea Cassi, Giovanni de Niederhausern, Andrea Galli, Alessandro Incisa, Luis Mesejo, Walter Nicolino, Jennifer Young.
Execution by: Pietro Leoni (mechanical, electronic and software design).
Special thanks to: Officine Arduino, FabLab Torino, Franco Magni, Claudio Indellicati.

Creative Commons License
openWall by carlorattiassociati is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.