FutureFest by Nesta

London, UK
6 July 2018

Knowledge Design Week 2018

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
13 June 2018


SHOP 2.0

Milano, Italy


How to reuse existing architectural heritage to create a new hi-tech space for recreation and work in a sustainable environment?

The concept was developed to implement a number of innovative features and services within a fashion flagship store in Milan. To achieve this goal we suggested the integration of advanced digital technologies supporting new interactive features and information to enrich the experiential customer purchase, considered as the main element inside the store. A uniform disposition of sensors develops a new way of communicating the products’ data and their location within the store. This information may be shared with the profile of the customer and must be processed as an input into algorithms that formulate proposals for cross-selling. The flagship store is the channel between the products and the customers to communicate the brand life-style and philosophy. This project aims to develop the store as the key interface between the product and the digital platform; technology integrated as a discrete layer of the physical space, inseparable but not immediately perceptible. Particular attention was paid to the choice of aesthetic integration of hardware, coherent with the interior design.


The materials of support screens and sensors are selected according to the materiality of the existing furniture and finishes to complete the low-tech mood in the store.


Shop 2.0, a project by Carlo Ratti Associati (project designer).



Carlo Ratti Associati (project designer): Carlo Ratti, Walter Nicolino, Giovanni de Niederhäusern