FutureFest by Nesta

London, UK
6 July 2018

Knowledge Design Week 2018

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
13 June 2018


K-Way® – Artissima 2014

Turin, Italy


In fact, it isn't but a small device, a “wall rover” travelling on a vertical surface

The Vertical Plotter designed by CRA has been chosen by the K-Way® brand for its own stand set up at Artissima 2014, the International Fair of Contemporary Art, taking place in Lingotto, Turin, on November 7-9. Among other technologies, as well as the Google Glasses, in the K-Way® Gallery stand visitors was able to see the plotter drawing K-Way® jackets on the wall and writing quotes by inspirational people. Artissima is a window onto the most experimental frontier of visual arts and attracts the interest of art professionals, general public and the media, constituting a wonderful showcase for the plotter.


At first sight, it makes you think about a lunar rover cruising the white surface of the moon, leaving dark trails behind itself while exploring virgin landscapes. The aim of its creators was to produce a device able to transform any surface into a huge monitor, and simplicity and efficiency were the core guidelines. Starting from the experience gained on previous models, they designed a plotter able to cover large surfaces using a minimal amount of components and offering the maximum variety of different graphical outputs.


Carlo Ratti Associati: Carlo Ratti, Giovanni de Niederhäusern, Pietro Leoni (project manager), Gianluca Santosuosso.