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April 15th


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Milan Design Week
April 13th - May 29th


Future Food District

Milan, ITALY


Exploring a new level of connectivity in our interaction with food…

At the heart of the exhibition site, just where Kardo and Decumanus streets cross, the Future Food District is one of the thematic areas of EXPO 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”. Realized in collaboration with COOP, the FFD is composed of a 2500 sqm pavilion (supermarket) and of a 4500 sqm public square. Crossing the two spaces the visitor will be able to explore and make acquaintance with a more ethic and transparent food chain, made possible by the use of new technologies.


The Supermarket is an experimental space, able to generate new interactions between consumers, products and producers: a place where one can find again a direct relation with the industry.The products are exhibited on large interactive tables – a light touch is enough to obtain augmented information about their characteristics, history and origins. The horizontal landscape fosters contacts and relations, and local producers can use the supermarket as a free-exchange area. As in a traditional market, the buying space becomes a meeting place once again, where technologies create new interfaces and simplify interactions, giving back to the selling chain its social dimension.


Huge screens suspended over the tables provide different information about the products, depending on the user’s degree of interaction. A first interactive level allows the user to obtain datas about the article’s price and characteristics; a further level, which one might activate just by touching the products, supplies an augmented label revealing product’s origins and history.


As in the traditional market, the FFD Supermarket returns to being a place of exchange, where the focus is on the relationship between consumers, products and producers. New technologies, and product services, facilitate this transformation, re-connecting individuals with the food network and creating a more informed and social consumption.


The EXPO Milano 2015 Future Food District, curated by Carlo Ratti, Director - MIT Senseable City Lab and Partner - Carlo Ratti Associati, in collaboration with Favero & Milan Ingegneria, Capatti Staubach Landschaftsarchitekte, Systematica, ecoLogic Studio, Cesare Griffa Studio, ENEA and Ceres srl.



Carlo Ratti Associati (architectural design) in collaboration with MIT Senseable City Lab: Carlo Ratti, Walter Nicolino, Andrea Galanti (project leader), Antonio Atripaldi, Juanita Ballesteros, Alberto Bottero, Andrea Brena, Andrea Cassi, Sofia Cornejo Reindl, Giovanni de Niederhäusern, Gary di Silvio, Andrea Galli, Pietro Leoni, Filippo Ferraris, Valentina Grasso, Marco Maria Pedrazzo, Carlotta Sillano, Niccolò Suraci, Jenni Young

Studio FM (graphic design)

Capatti Staubach Landschaftarchitekte (landscape design)

Systematica (mobility)

ecoLogicStudio (algae canopy design)

Cesare Griffa Studio (algae façade design)

ENEA and Ceres Srl (hydroponic systems)